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back the his stance. trap draw it maybe. >> wow. >> kind of came out flying. >> johnson with the gallery behind the green. >> don't blink now. >> 184. nice lie. >> what is this a little 8 iron? >> it's not a big one, i don't think. >> turn it with the wind. >> it's right in the hole. actually turning back toward it now. >> that might go down the hill. nope. a par wins it. >> well played. great drive and a well played second. after coming off a perfectly played 17th hole for birdie. that's a nice walk up for him. >> a very interesting year in the world of golf. he has been through more than dustin johnson. he has almost been talked about more than the guys that have won the major championships that he had an excellent chance to win. pebble beach, he had a three-shot lead and forget that martin kymer won there because dustin johnson swirled in so much controversy over the bunker he didn't think was a bunker, so many people around the shot, and that's something he's had to live with, but here he is in the next big championship, the final round sunday heat better than anybod
to tie casey at 8 under. guys playing with dustin johnson has it in his hands at 9 under. >> it's not an easy shot with the loop in swing of his with the ball below his feet. play it way back the his stance. trap draw it maybe. >> wow. >> kind of came out flying. >> johnson with the gallery behind the green. >> don't blink now. >> 184. nice lie. >> what is this a little 8 iron? >> it's not a big one, i don't think. >> turn it with the wind. >> it's right in the hole. actually turning back toward it now. >> that might go down the hill. nope. a par wins it. >> well played. great drive and a well played second. after coming off a perfectly played 17th hole for birdi that's a nice walk up for him. >> a very interesting year in the world of golf. he has been through more than dustin johnson. he has almost been talked about more than the guys that have won the major championships that he had an excellent chance to win. pebble beach, he had a three-shot lead and forget that martin kymer won there because dustin johnson swirled in so much controversy over the bunker he didn't think was
a "world news" investigation -- johnson & johnson is one of america's most respected brands. tylenol, motrin. so why did people secretly pull one of its products off the shelves? here with our investigation, dr. richard besser. rich. >> yes, diane, for generations, parents have depended on johnson & johnson, but they've gone through eight recalls in the last year, the largest ever over the counter children's recall in history. usually when there's a faulty product, it's recalled. even if it doesn't pose harm to the consumer. but that's not what happened in this case. it was november of 2008 when johnson & johnson and its subsidiary, mcneil consumer health care, discovered a problem. some of its motrin tablets were not dissolving properly. meaning if you had a headache and took one of these affected tablets, it may not work as expected. but instead of issuing a recall, something else happened. at 5,000 convenience stores around the country, contractors were sent out on a secret mission -- to quietly buy up the faulty motrin without alerting the public. >> i wish to this day that i had
at the life and presidency of lyndon johnson. then, the speaker of the house and secretary action sucky. after that, congressional wills for filibustering. on newsmakers, u.s. coast guard, and at robert papp talks about the coast guard missions. newsmakers, sunday at 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> join our conversation on the american revolution, the making of the constitution and the importance of historical study, sunday with gordon would booktv's in debt. that is at noon eastern on c- span2. >> now, a look at the life and presidency of lyndon johnson from today's ", washington "" is about 45 minutes. host: charlie peters is the author of lyndon b. johnson. yo speak about one of the tapes of president johnson's era. this is richard russell talking about >> but said they never did claim korea up. host: our guest is charlie peters. you just heard the chairman about vietnam. guest: there is nothing more telling them that tape. it shows how deeply divided johnson's seoul was about that war. his real instinct was that there was going to be a mass if we got in heavily and we would
in sudan. author charles peters talks about his biography of lyndon johnson. "washington journal" is next. ♪ >> good morning. it is september 4, 2010. it is the saturday before labor day weekend. peggy noonan has an opinion piece or she asked, "is this 1994 all over again?" is this 1994 again? the numbers to call republican [applause] democrats 202-737-0002 an independent called orszag at 202-628-0205. peggy noonan writes, "he did not have to be a political professional to see what is in the air." will they get up to a 2018? will the republicans take control of the chamber? she reminds us of the history. that year the republicans swept the house races. the republican majority and republican speaker, newt gingrich -- she writes that speaker nancy pelosi is a famously in no danger. it probably means something that she appears to have gone missing from the national scene. cbs had her at 11% approval rating among registered voters in march. republicans were beating democrats might tend points 54% to 24%. in the history of that poll, the gop has never led by more than five points. what do yo
as a united states senator to help create jobs for the people of nevada or ron johnson in wisconsin who wants to open drilling in lake michigan. i don't think that those constituents share their views. and there's a reason that republicans ran against them and hall and sharon and christine. they know their positions do not sell well in a general election context. and one more note about their primaries. their wounds are not healing. republicans in connecticut and washington state and nevada and alaska and delaware have not united behind their nominees. and i believe that demonstrates just how extreme these candidates' views are in close elections. that's a huge problem for them. finally, i would simply say that this is a cycle of unpredictability. so who two years ago or even shorter would have predicted that mitch mcconnell, the republican leader, can pick a candidate in kentucky would lose? or 33 days from the election, who would have said 33 days going back that christine o'donnell would have been the republican nominee in delaware? i don't think that anyone even thought about paying atten
and continue to learn across johnson and johnson. >> let me ask you this question about how much you have learned and grown. you have stated that you have addressed the issues with mcneil consumer healthcare by changing the senior leadership. yet, mr. peter loser -- do you know him? >> yes, sir. -- peter luther. the current president stays in place. it seems disingenuous to suggest you have fixed the problem when key people involved -- i call it a phantom recall -- remain in place. can you comment on whether mr. luther is competent to do what is needed to fix the problem when he was involved in a problem originally? >> yes, sir, and i do appreciate the way you refer to the recall. he has been a long serving employee. he has been a good employee for a very good -- a very extended time. he has been very committed to improving and revamping the facility. he is very committed to doing that, and we are looking forward to the results of what he is doing. i think he is a good employee who will contribute to rectifying this problem. >> and so, the same folks that were around when the problem took
. call the sco÷"er store today. >>> welcome back. when it comes to children's medicine, johnson & johnson is one of the most trusted brands around. >> you might be surprised to learn rather than announce a recent recall, the company actually tried to buy all the medicine itself right off the shelves. dr. richard besser investigates. >> reporter: it was november of 2008 when johnson & johnson and its subsidiary mcneil consumer health care discovered a problem. some of its motrin tablets were not dissolving properly. meaning if you have a headache and took one of these tablets, it may not work as expected. but instead of issuing a recall, something else happened. at 5,000 convenience stores around the country, contractors were sent out on a secret mission, to quietly buy up the faulty motrin without alerting the public. abc news found lynn walter, one of the contractors hired by an inventory company. they gave him written instructions detailing this assignment. you should simply act like a regular customer while making these purchases. there must be no mention of this being a recall of the
costar la muerte. estaba hecho por johnson y johnson que hace la comida de bebé y por qué la iba a cuestionar. pero el parche exponía a las mujeres a 60% más estrógenos que las pastillas algo que podría incrementar los riesgos de coágulo de ano grsangre y at al corazón. nuestra cadena hermana nba demostró que johnson y johnson sabían los problemas, como profeso provocaba 12 veces ataques cardíacos. y también se supo que altos ejecutivos habían renunciado o sido separados de sus cargos luego de de snnunciar estos problemas. johnson y johnson ha pagado 468 millones 68 millas de dólares las víctimas. desde su creación 40 millones de recetas del parche han sido esca eimitidas. pero este médico no dice el parche no es el inseguro . >>> todo tiene su riesgo y el parche no es un riesgo lo más importante no es el me todo pero informarse con sobre el historial médico de las pacientes >carmen: los familiares de las víctimas no sólo están demandando aya johnson y johnson si no exigen que parche sea sacada del mercado. me pero la fda no ha tomado una decisión lia mady la
that silly. church pedophelia victims today ask of ron johnson republican senate candidate in wisconsin, get the diocese to release the names of the priests involved. because when he was still on a diocese board, he testified on the bill to toughen laws against pedophelia, testified against it, because the new laws would be too tough on business. >> i think it is extremely important to consider the economic havoc and the other victims it would likely create. >> non-sensenbrenner strikes again. if the republicans take the house he wants to turn the select committee on global warming into an investigation of obama's green power initiatives and of the so-called climategate. the 9/11 first responders bill finally passes. and glenn beck says war against fox. >> i know you and i have a special relationship. >> several fox news journalists writes the "new york times" have complained antics are embarrassing fox. it was said if he were still on headline news his event on the mall would have drawn 30 people. do you know how many advertisers have bailed out? 296. glenn beck -- too crazy for fox? all t
that highly anticipated meeting has been set. bruce johnson has been talking with people in the know. you are here with the story first. fill us in. >> no doubt the very first meeting and most important meeting probably to come within six months. lesley, the meeting between vincent gray and michelle will take place on thursday of this week. the time is set for noon. the location is the wilson building and the office of gray, the dc council chairman and soon to be mayor of the district. sources won't say who else will be in that meeting, but the belief is that it will be just the two of them. they will, of course, be discussing whether michelle wants to remain in the job of chancellor once gray takes over and if gray wants her to stay. he said he doesn't like her style, not inclusive enough, he says. she said she is not sure he's as committed as her reforms. >> well, it would seem as if michelle has said in some ways that she is not interested in staying here under new leadership. >> and if you look at the interview she did on oprah, which would tape before the primary, how could she sa
johnson rushed for over 2,000 yards last season makes a nice move. you know what, we are not going to get him. breaks into the clear. nobody will catch him. the fastest guy in the nfl goes 76 yards for the td. johnson rushes for 142 yards. probably the number one pick in any fantasy draft. the titans pounded the raiders 38-13. >>> we need to take a quick break in the show. but when we return, can the nationals reel in the fish? not by the looks of it. but temporary trying to avoid the sweep. highlights coming up next.  no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep l
. >> she marched on because god god was not releasing us to quit. >> pedophilia asked of rob johnson, get the diocese to release the name of the priests involved. when he was on a diocese board, he testified to toughen laws against pedophilia, testified against it because the new laws would be too tough on business. >> it's extremely important to consider the havoc and the other victims would likely embrace. >> nonsensen brenner strikes again. he wants to turn the select committee on energy and global warming into an investigation on green party initiatives and the climate gate. the 9/11 first responders bill passes. and glen beck's latest war. against fox. >> i know you and i have a special relationship. >> several news journalists have complained that beck's antics are embarrassing fox. roger told associates that if beck was at headline news, his event at the mall would have drawn 30 people. you know how many advertisers bailed out? 296. glen beck, too crazy for fox? all the news and commentary now on countdown. >> i believe you will have that answer. >> are good evening in new york. th
johnson. we talked about it during breaking news. the redskins have cut back larry johnson and immediately replace him with simpson from michigan state. johnson ran backwards and he ran right off the redskins' roster. they are dead last in the nfl, averaging only 54 yards per game, which is an incredible 10 yards less than anyone else in the league. >> simply put, when they have won, they have won. but for two games they have essentially taken a pass on their running game. >> tell me about the running game. yak to be in there with all cylinders. if cracks they have -- >> vehrs rushed for just 107 yards in two games. during the denver game mike shanahan ran for an attack, but with his son, kyle, calling the plays, the redskins had their first success. >> we have just got to capitalize on the race. >> as the weather cools and the rugged nfc east he said, the redskins know they need to run tuesday in the hunt. -- to stay in the hunt. >> the bottom line, you get it done will unite and we did not. >> lloyd johnson did not get it done and tonight, he is gone. simpson is on and the nfl said he co
. the opponent held back the counties they controlled, so once all of johnson's votes were in, they could tilt the votes in their counties they controlled. johnson did the exact reverse in 1948. there was one precinct where there was like 1,000 votes when they finally turned them in cast for johnson, and only 600 registered voters, so it was somewhat suspect. there was little question that there was a lot of hankie panyy from both sides. host: our next caller is from michigan. caller: the lessons of the vietnam war, as it applies to today's wars, seems to me that vietnam was fairly contrived, the gulf of tonkin incident, we entered the war under false pretenses. it seems to me that iraq is the same thing, or similar, has lots of parallels, and even afghanistan, the fact that the government is to corrupt, and it's supposed to be ourally. it seems to me that our leaders have not learned, really reviewed or learned the lessons of the disaster of vietnam. guest: i agree with you about afghanistan. i'm afraid that as -- one of the points i was trying to make was the arguments for being in vietnam s
. sherrie johnson live with under on this purple friday. good morning, sherrie. >> reporter: good morning, jamie. i'm out here at rowland park. look, i met some friends. the ravens cheerleaders are out here with me kicking off purple fridays and the caravan that go as long with it. it starts this morning at 7:30 right here at miss shirley's in rowland park. now, michelle, tell knee about the idea and the goal behind the purple friday caravan. >> we want to get out there and interact with the fans, give away raffles for sign memorabilia. get everyone pumped and psyched for the game. >> reporter: listen, you guys have a busy schedule today. i was looking at the places you will be giving out autographed items. tell us what happens at the events. >> we get everybody pumped up. we're selling our calendar, and that's new. we're getting everybody excited for monday night's game. we stop all over, verizon wireless, m & t bank, and even a new stop at the zoo at 2:00. everybody head to the web site for our whole list of the lineup today and come out and support us. >> reporter: wow. why is that imp
.m. pnc. f the achiever in us all. >>> larry johnson was a heck of a ball player in his day, wasn't he? >> get this. portis was drafted. it is possible that larry johnson resigns with thi team after this upcoming game, but the redskins today needed larry johnson to make a move for a plar who can also play on special teams. johnsoncarried the ball five times just two yards while the redskins had a spectacular day passing on sunday. the rushing attack again did not come close to resembling the running game for which shanahan was known in denver. in the past two games, the redskins have run the ball just 40 times. 18otal yards rushing. larry johnson, a d.c. native, had struggled to get going in the pre-season. he was pulled from the game after the fourth quarter. today the redskins released him a day after he admitted he was still trying to get used to that reserve role. >> i was making plays as best i could, and i take that ten-yard loss on me. i was really disappointed for the team to have to go in there and go backwards ten yards. it's tough, but i just got to learn a little bit more a
to for money-saving coupons. [ female announcer ] sc johnson. a family company. >>> right now, new at 5:30. getting you off the phone behind the wheel. we'll show you the latest gadgets designed to fight distracted driving. >>> officials of a small la suburb are under arrest for allegedly padding their paychecks at the expense of people who live there. soup for sizing for savings, how you can score a basket worth of groceries for a few dollars. >> here at 9:00, we have been talking a lot about putting your hands on your steering wheel. despite the attention and the state law, all kinds of surveys suggest people are driving more instead of less. bruce leshan is hanging out, talking with some really smart people about how to get all of us to hang up and drive. bruce. >> yeah, anita. really chalk one up for american ingenuity. i'm telling you what, at the distracted driving summit, there were a whole lot of ideas about how to get us to stop fiddling with our phones and pay attention to our driving. >> this is youngstown state university. >> wayne irving is touring the country
, this is just round one of the flooding. round two is en route. >> veronica johnson is here with more on rain totals so far. >> the forecast is working out realy well just as we anticipated yesterday. we're getting a little of the break, at least some of us right now, from the moderate and heavy rains we had earlier. look at that sky. that's the break without anything falling in the immediate d.c. area right now. all through the are we remain under a flash flood watch. in the red, those are the flood warnings to the west of us and north. loudon county,nne arundel county and points up to the north. that is until 6:15. meanwhile, a tornado watch because there's still a tremendous amount of spin in the atmosphere. tornado goes from areas of baltimore county down through prince georges county, charles county, st. mary's and calert again. those folks have quite a few tornado warnings early part of the day. that's when most of the rain, too, was about this area. in this location right here just ended at 4:00. a severe thunderstorm warning for portions of spotsylvania warren stafford, culpepper that
to serve as baltimore county executive. sherrie johnson joins us live in the studio. >> reporter: good morning, one of the hottest races today, kaminetz returned to his old stomping grounds in pikesville waving to drivers. his opponent talked to people at a community meeting in woodlawn. bartonfelder says he's working on his 289-year record of -- 28-year record of accomplishment. >> my josh -- job is to keep the lid on taxes. we're going to face more cutbacks so make sure we're still delivering quality services in baltimore county. >> this is about positive leadership and mailing sure we take care of -- making sure we take care of peoples needs in the city and county. >> reporter: it's estimated 32% of eligible voters will turn out to the primary. the nice weather and hot races will draw voters to the polls today. ? in the studio, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> former governor bob ehrlich has an endorsement in his quest to be the state's highest office, governor of course. senator john mccain says he thinks ehrlich is "a fine guy." sarah palin endorsed ehrlich's opponent brian murphy
onto? we still hold all three. i know johnson and johnson is a favorite of yours are you adding to your positions? we continue to add to johnson and johnson anything under $60 is awfully attractive to us. 11 or 12 times earnings great company with a 4% dividend yield almost and we continued to add to it. let's go over your new stock picks. i was surprised to see microsoft around $24 because it is in yearly lows and hasn't really moved in the past decade so why invest in it? it has actually moved down in the last decade but the stock is trading at 11 times multiples and we are in the midst of a pc upgrade cycle that is driven by window 7. you seen in the numbers not only for microsoft but also dell and intel. microsoft makes a lot of money from software so they have the best balance sheet of any company in the world with some of the smartest management and trading at below market multiple. it seems like a very good defensive play to us. what about the competition between microsoft and google especially in the search engine space? do you think that can hurt microsoft? google is definitely
and the patients safe. reporting live in east baltimore, sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. >> here's fast facts about hop kins to put this situation in perspective. the hospital, as you know,a huge campus, nearly 1100 patient beds, sees more than 46,000 patients admitted every, single year on top of the more than 40,000 outpatient encounters and more than 12,000 people work at the hospital and school of medicine along with 3700 full time and part-time faculty. hopkins has been ranged number one by u.s. news and world reports for the last 20 years. remember to stay with the story. we're changing it constantly on our web site so head to for the latest developments. when you get to our web site, you'll find a number of pictures and videos. a slide show of pictures that we captured and a background of history of the hospital. all of that can be found on >>> 7 minutes after 6:00 right now. coming up, the sky got dark and panic set in. >> i started screaming i'm in the middle of a tornado. it was just black and -- >> this morning, the national weather service will let us know
parents. tonight, abc news slee johnson has five tips on how to use the seats. >> reporter: myra weemen is the safety manage foreaaa atlantic and the mother of two children and making sure her kids are secure in their seats is a major priority. during child passenger safety weeks, authorities are educating parents on securing children. here are five tips. the first tip is making sure you're using your booster seat correctly is you want to understand that a booster is designed to boost the child up. vehicles were made for adults. this booster seat is going to help this 7-year-old sit much safer with the seat belt. the second tip is knowing the two different kinds of booster seats. ben is sitting on a backless booster seat of the there's also high-back booster seats. if your vehicle has head restraints, you can use a backless car seat. if your child's head is above the back of the seat, then you want to use a high-back booster seat. the third tip is you always want to test drive the booster seat before you purchase it. bring your son or daughter to the store, have them sit in the seat and
. during the offseason the redskins added former pro ball running backs willie parker and larry johnson to the roster. parker was released september 4th. today it was johnson's turn, a decision tata makes undrafted rookie free agent could heland williams primary -- keiland williams primary back up to clinton portis. they needed to make a roster preparation in this week's game against the rams. johnson played a reserve role carrying five times for just two yards. chad simpson was signed to fill johnson's spot. last sunday the redskins had plenty of good chances to close out the texans. 6:40 left, graham gano's 20- yard field goal attempt blocked it. would have given the skins a 20- 10 lead. 3:30 to go. donovan mcnabb shows he can still air it out. he's got a cannon, but this long distance pass just goes over the outstretched arms of joey galloway. that would have put the game out of reach. the redskins might be competing better than last year, but that doesn't make the defense feel better. >> we were actually out there competing with a great team that beat indianapolis last week compare
of that intersection where the teen was hit. >>> towson commons goes on the auction block today. i'm sherrie johnson, coming up, i'll tell you more about the sale. ♪ [ monkey cheeps ] [ male announcer ] a bath becomes even more pleasurable when you know that your water is being heated in an environmentally- conscious way while saving you hundreds of dollars on your water-heating energy bill. the geospring water heater from ge with advanced hybrid technology. heating the water in your home any other way is just going to seem primitive. [ monkey cheeps ] ♪ maryland residents can save up to $780 while funds last. >>> 5:44 on this tuesday morning. evidently, you know a lot about where red pump road meets route 24 in bell air. abc2 news reports on what has been coming out about this intersection since the death of a 14-year-old crosswalk. good morning, linda. >> some are questioning how safe it is there. on the day joey died, state police received a number of complaints that the pedestrian lights were not working. the state highway administration is now looking into those complaints. the memorial is
it can be to find a job. sherrie johnson explains what some areas around us are dealing with. >> reporter: right now unemployment numbers are steady this year at 9.6%. this labor day weekend, the secretary of labor, hilda solis, made a stop in columbia to address unemployment numbers. she went on a ride along and thanked firefighters for their work in public safety. preventing job loss and getting people back to work is the secretary's agenda. betty griffith and debbie reid were both laid off last year. they say landing a job and trying to stay afloat is tough. >> if you're looking for help, there is a lot, it's just so many people are fighting over the same jobs. >> they just have to make more jobs available or either they need to teach people how to obtain these jobs. it's not the same as it used to be where you'd just send in a resume and somebody would contact you. you don't even hear from anybody. >> now both debbie and betty say being unemployed has led them to tap into some untouched skills. in the studio, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> today the college football season officially
the redskins win and a loss, just over two minutes to go. matt schaub hooks up with andre johnson, overreads dow dee for the game-tieing touchdown. hall said was not surprised dow dee failed to make the play and that he would cover the top receiver. today both dow dee and haslet responded. >> he said what we already know, so i don't think it bothers anybody on the defense. i think it sounds like a shock because it seems like a slight to the other guys on the team, but it's not. >> i give them all the credit for saying that. i think at the's playing at a hey level. i think there is times when you can do that. there's times that you can't. >> yesterday the redskins cut running back larry johnson, citing a need to add a special teams player for this week's game against the rams. johnson rushed only five times for two yards in two games. chad simpson was added to fill johnson's roster spot. >> i really didn't see that coming, and i don't think anyone saw that coming. especially when you are trying to get things going in the running game with the running back of his caliber and the things he's be
answers from the mayor himself and his wife michelle who sat down with bruce johnson with an exclusive conversation in their home in northwest. >> if you do not find it in your heart to give me a second chance, i will have no one to blame but myself. >> reporter: that is the closest as he came to admitting that he might lose the election. >> what are they asking you to forgive you for? >> for not making an adjustment fast enough. we have to engage more. we have to be more inclusive. we have to make people feel more part of the process. >> reporter: his wife appealing to the voters after being absent from the public campaign from the start. >> i'm hearing people describe my husband using adjective that are absolutely shocking. >> reporter: the mayor won't say he was personally hurt when he was trailing the councilman. but his wife of 13 years, the mother of his three children said it for him. >> it was heartbreaking to think there was so many people in this city, in his city, the city he was born and raised in, that feel he's disconnected from the issues. >> how is it that the city is s
four times in the first half. the raider defense, held chris johnson to three yard on five carries but you knew he would bust' out. here it is. second quarter, 24-6 titans in the first half. rough debut for campbell. this int. the raiders fall 38-13. >>> let's economic on some local connections. the lions visiting the bears, and best with a nice debut in detroit. rushed for two touchdowns. then watch calvin johnson get this pass from sean hill. ruled incomplete. both feet are down, has possession. that's a touchdown. but they ruled it incomplete. the bears win it 19-14. >>> good news-bad news for the giants. leadoff hitter torres had emergency appendectomy this morning and will miss ten days. the good news? they beat the padres. a fashion statement in san diego by a giant fan. here's a nice little swing from buster posey, driving one deep to right. number 13 for foesy. -- for posey. now to the fifth, 3-0. tim lincecum helping his own cause. makes it 5-0. and lincecum is back to his old self-on the nine. giants are once again tied for first place with the part with the victory. >>>
. jason sacked four times. the raider defense held johnson to three yards on five carries in the first quarter, but you knew he would eventually bust out, and here it is. second quarter and 76 yards. he rushed for 142 and two scores. 24-6 titans at the half. things got worse. rough debut for campbell. 22 of 37 and 180 yards and this int that sets up another titan touchdown. a disasterous start for the raiders as they fall 38-13. we need a time-out after those low lights. we did have one winner. the giants take three of four from san diego with today's victory. and the two teams are locked on top of the nl west. your highlights >> the season premiere of "oprah." oprah: with john travolta. >> and -- oprah: i had no idea. >> ahh. >> plus, one of the biggest surprises in "oprah show" history. next "oprah." our real national pastime? saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined. i saved because i'm accident-free.
money for mass transit in rural areas. >> suarez: betty ann bowser updates the johnson and johnson story as company executives and the f.d.a. come under fire on capitol hill for a string of recalls, real and phantom, this year. >> brown: and we visit a project in pittsburgh that offers foreign writers whose lives are endangered, a new start, and the chance to write freely. >> i think i'm writing social issues, but in burma, social issues are political issues. >> brown: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: >> this is the engine that connects abundant grain from the american heartland to haran's best selling whole wheat, while keeping 60 billion pounds of carbon out of the atmosphere every year. bnsf, the engine that connects us. and by the alfred p. sloan foundation. supporting science, technology, and improved economic performance and financial literacy in the 21st century. and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and b
a series of recalls by johnson & johnson hearing taking place right now including infants benadryl, motrin and zyrtec. they want to find out about the fan tom recall of motrin in which johnson & johnson hired contractors to buy adult motrin to remove the product from store shelves. the ceo for johnson & johnson william welden testified this morning. >> mr. chairman, i know that we've let the public down. we did not maintain our high quality standards and as a result children do not have access to our important medicines. >> this past summer johnson & johnson also recalled some other products such as hip implants and contact lenses. fisher-price has issued a massive recall that involves 10 million children's toys and high chairs that can cause injuries or post choking hazards. the recall includes triks and little people wheellies, infant toys with inflatable balls sold under baby playzone, play wall and kick and crawl. fisher-price is recalling more than 1 million easy clean and close to me high chairs because of a protruding peg can cause injuries. i suggest you go online and get a full li
multiple game changing plays. the biggest? andre johnson's 34-yard touchdown with 2:03 left in the game tying the score at 27. >> make the play. get my hand in between the ball, jump up, create havoc. maybe if he outjumps me, hit the ball out when he's coming down, try to hit it at the high point. >> special teams two more daggers, first a blocked field goal with 6:40 left in the 4th quarter. then in overtime graham gano nailed a 52-yarder but only after the texans called a time- out. on his second attempt the ball would sail wide right. >> he's a good young kicker. we got a lot of faith in him. that's why we let him kick that field goal. obviously things happen. he didn't hit it right and that's something we all got to live. with. >> reporter: tonight an epic battle of the arms as both quarterbacks throw for more than 400 yards. that's the first time it's been done since 1994 in an nfl game. from fedex field, lindsay murphy, fox 5 sports. >> in week one it was the redskins defense that carried the load. week two they were the weak link. not that the texans were any slouch. matt schaub
host: do you think the legacy of president johnson will become more positive. guest: i think it will. i think with afghanistan going through the anguish of figuring out what to do, will understand the tremendous difficulty of whatever we do, it's going to be wrong in some ways. we're going to do some evil, whatever we do, and that's a terrible thing to face. that was the kind of vision johnson had in vietnam. as people realize that, they'll look back on the great things johnson did. he was so much like andrew jackson. we haven't talked about johnson's crudeness, but that's another fascinating story. host: i wish we had more time. guest: it was wonderful. host: this book is part of the american president series published by times books. he is director of evaluation for the peace corps during the 1960's, campaign manager for robert kennedy pickup write about your own knowledge during this period, as well. we'll be back at 7:00 eastern time, thank you for joining us. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2010] >>. what's in 2007, analysts meredith whitney was the fi
with the robert wood johnson foundation. >> reporter: scott johnson has had multiple sclerosis for 34 years. he's coped with everyday challenges like how to drive a car. it's impacted you know virtually all of my adult life. you know my right hand doesn't really work very well, or really at all. my right leg doesn't work great. >> reporter: david anderson's challenges are different. his transplanted kidney failed three years ago and he depends on dialysis in order to survive. >> when i need dialysis, mostly i notice that i feel sort of muddy in my thinking. you know the toxins in your blood are not just in your muscles, they're all over your body including in your brain. >> reporter: david anderson and scott johnson contend with very different conditions, but they share a similar frustration-- the slow pace of medical advancements. so why hasn't more progress been made in solving a variety of complex diseases? after all, the national institutes of health spend over $30 billion a year on research. indeed, the problem may not be how much we spend on medical research, but the medical research syst
uncovered it's maker johnson & johnson may have known about the problems for years and yet, they're still selling it "today." >> look at this, it's the birth control pack, ortho evra. >> reporter: when it first hit the market in 2002 t birth control patch ortho evra was a big hit. "time" magazine called it one of the best inventions of the year. doctors have written nearly 40 million prescriptions for. but as sales surged, so did claims of injury and even death. >> she just sort of collapsed in the doorway. and she was gone instantly. >> reporter: aid debrisiana duffy was a student in college and in perfect health. she had a serious boyfriend and told her mom that she wanted to be responsible so their doctor prescribed ortho evra. >> this is a johnson & johnson product, it's the most trusted brand for baby products so why would i question their berth control patch? >> reporter: but one night in her storm room, adrianna fell to the floor, the girl who had been the picture of health was dead. her family said that's when they learned the patch may be to blame. in fact more than 2,400 women c
. the redskins react to the release of larry johnson. and we'll have the latest on rookie le tackle trent right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in o classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood, i know that we must do even better. china, they're busy building wind farms an expanding clean energy manufacturing. but in america, gridlock has held us back. now, the senate can chan that - by passing a renewable electricity standard. it will spur development of clean energy and boost manufacturing in america, creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs. so we can make our own energy future - not just buy it from china. call your senators and urge them to pass a renewable electricit
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